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Jeff LeBlanc
Falck Alford

I want to thank you, Dr. Kotler, Dr. Steen and the entire staff of LSU Health Sciences Center for the training I received for REMS in the OccuMedics course. It was informative and quite refreshing to get some useful information in a CME course. I have spoken with company men in the remote environment of the Gulf of Mexico and political leaders in Mexico and Nigeria of the potential uses of such a course with the limited physicians or rather competently trained physicians in the area. I especially saw that first hand in the hospitals of Nigeria’s Niger Delta in places such as Warri and Sapele in my 2 years living in-country. It is still my sincere hope to one day get back there and bring professionals like you to help the people in need of healthcare.

Sanders Derise
HSE Manager
Superior Energy Services

As QHSE General Manager for Superior Energy Services’ Marine Division, I have had the opportunity to work extensively with Pelican State Outpatient Center and RemoteMD over the past 12 years.  During this time, they have cared for hundreds, if not thousands, of our employees providing detailed physical examinations, fitness for duty examinations, and have treated almost every type of injury imaginable.  I have found their physicians and staff to be very knowledgeable not only in their medical care, but their in-depth understanding of the various regulations which govern our industry.  This knowledge has proven to be a great asset not only to our company, but to our employees as well.  Furthermore, their close working relationship with Dr. Richard Bunch, a world renowned expert in ergonomics, fitness, and physical therapy, has given added value to each and every physical and fitness for duty exam by being able to demonstrate each employee’s ability to do all of the functional requirements as dictated by their job description.

Through its use of extensive training, proprietary telemedicine systems, and comprehensive standard medical packages, RemoteMD has allowed us to manage illnesses and injuries in the remote environment with the same skills as you might find in a domestic clinical setting.   This has allowed for continuity of care even as far away as Africa.  Their expertise working in remote environments is unparalleled.   I thoroughly recommend Pelican State Outpatient Center and RemoteMD as your strategic healthcare partner.

Casey Dufour
EHS Manager
Brand Energy Solutions

When I began working in the Greater New Orleans are almost five years ago, one of my first objectives was to find an occupational medicine provider that met our needs as a company.  After meeting with several other providers in the area and then hearing Dr. Kotler speak at an ABC breakfast, I chose to go with Pelican, a decision that has never been regretted.  Everyone involved with their operation continually strives to exceed expectations.  Across the gamut of services they provide, they are driven by customer satisfaction.  The injury management services they furnish for their customers are second to none.

In recent scenarios involving our offshore operations, RemoteMD has been a valuable partner.  Having Dr. Kotler or one of his other professionals available to partner with us in managing cases many miles away allows us to be able to ensure our employees are always receiving the best care, while remaining sensitive to occupational issues.

I would highly recommend Pelican State Outpatient Center and RemoteMD to anyone needing the services they provide.  Whether performing pre-employment/post-offer screenings, providing care for one of our employees in their clinics, or directing care miles away, I am confident they provide an unparalleled value.

Tachic A. Hickman
APOC (Asst. Production Office Coordinator)
Turner NOLA Productions, LLC

Pelican State Outpatient Center is the one Medical Facility I would suggest to ANYONE in the entertainment business. They are extremely production friendly and willing to work with and accommodate last minute request, which is usually always the case for Hollywood Folks.

The Staff is not only friendly, but very professional.   It really helps out a great deal that their doctors are willing to make set visits and house calls when needed.  I’ve utilized Pelican State on almost all of the features and TV series I’ve coordinated in New Orleans and I plan on continuing to work with them.

Ruth Kesler
Film/Television/Commercial Production Supervisor

Pelican State Outpatient Center is my go to clinic in New Orleans for all of my Film, Television & Commercial needs.  The Doctors, Nurses & staff are knowledgeable, friendly, time conscious & Production savvy.   They understand that Production is always on a deadline & that all of Production’s schedules are fluid.  Pelican State provides all of my Cast & Crew physicals & have always accommodated me when we need an on set, rescheduled, last minute or out of office visit.  I recommend Pelican State Outpatient Center for all Film, Television & commercials filming in New Orleans.

William T. Johnson
American Claims Services, Inc.

The specialized medical case treatment rendered by Dr. Kotler and his staff at Pelican State Outpatient Center to American Claims’ clients, is the most modernized, efficient medical treatment facility in the Gulf South region.  Pelican’s medical services have had a positive impact on all of our offshore clients’ recordable injuries, lost and restricted workday incidents as well as their overall recordable incident rate without sacrificing care to the patient.  Their medical services are the most extensive in the Gulf region ranging from employee medical care through Pelican, case management, and of course medical direction/consults through RemoteMD.  Pelican’s ever changing proactive approach to treating offshore and onshore injuries and illnesses makes them the industry leaders in occupational medicine.

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