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Medical Control

Medical Control goes beyond the medicine!

Immediate Response

A RemoteMD physician is available 24/7/365 to confer with the onsite Industrial Remote Environment Medical Specialist (IREMS). Never knowing the nature of a call, it is imperative that there be no delay in the paramedic-physician chain so we use a triple redundancy communications system to ensure immediate contact with our physicians on every call.

Awareness Of Regulations

Awareness of Regulations

Our physicians are well-rounded medical experts with a working knowledge of industry regulations such as OSHA, Jones Act, Worker’s Compensation, Coast Guard Regulations and Risk Management which allows us to treat our patients with unrivaled expertise. We do not believe in “standing orders” or “protocols.” Each patient is an individual and is treated as such with an acute awareness of the regulatory significance our decisions may have.

Safety Is a Top Priority

Our physicians always maintain a keen awareness of important logistical considerations created by remote operations. Working with our clients we develop a Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP), which includes local hospitals, medical providers and transportation resources worldwide.

Continuity Of Care

Continuity of Care

Patient care is #1! We provide quality care and micromanage each case until the patient is fit-for-duty for all patients treated onsite and for those who require a higher level of care. Coordinating between medical facilities while maintaining documentation and continuous cases helps expedite care for the patient and allows for ongoing communication with our clients.

Elite Network of Specialty Providers

When necessary, RemoteMD can immediately call on its esteemed network of specialists who also have substantial experience working within the industry and understand what we do.

Standard Medical Package

We tailor the Standard Medical Package (SMP) to meet the medical care needs of your operation and location. The SMP includes all medications, equipment, supplies, and durable medical equipment required to operate your remote clinic.