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Education & Training

Conventional paramedic training does not meet the needs of the IREMS (Industrial Remote Environment Medical Specialist). It is only the beginning.

RemoteMD Education & Training specializes in developing continuing education offerings designed for the Industrial Remote Environment Medical Specialist (IREMS). We are committed to delivering these educational initiatives in a wide range of formats geared towards healthcare professionals who are tasked with treating patients in the industrial remote environment (IRE). Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare delivered in the IRE and to promote the recognition of the IREMS specialty. By developing and implementing comprehensive educational initiatives, we strive to expand the skills of this often ignored segment of the paramedic workforce and set the standard for education delivered to the IREMS.

In addition to our RemoteMD courses, we also offer American Heart Association (AHA), National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) as well as other Professional and Specialty industry related courses. Click on the listings below to learn more about our course offerings.